PlayStation Packs Two Decades of Gamer Nostalgia Into One Clip

Watch the times change with the tech

Now this is what corporate nostalgia should look like. Inspired by responses to the #playstationmemories tag on Twitter, British agency PHD's content division, Drum, created this time-warping video clip that charts the history of PlayStation's evolution all the way back to the ancient past: 1995.

Absurd attention was paid to every single detail in the room, allowing you to watch the nearly three and a half minutes of video over and over while still noticing different subtle changes to the magazines,  posters, figurines and games lying on the floor. The creators even spent a good deal of their budget digitally altering the London skyline instead of just telling us the year had changed.

It all creates a strangely moving effect. I didn't realize how just listening to the start-up sounds of each generation of console would transport me back. I felt real tears lurking at the memories—or maybe I was just mourning how many hours of my youth I'd wasted.

It's really a fantastic clip, one that's dead-on with the sort of nostalgia Sony will have to generate to get its core players to shell out for yet another high-powered console with no backward compatibility. But one thing: Almost 20 years after getting his first PlayStation, and the dude is still living in the same room at home with his mom? Ouch, man. Maybe it's time Daniel ditched the PlayStation and got a JobStation.

Hat tip to Mashable.