This Playboy Model Had the Best Response After Her ‘Vulgar’ Lingerie Ad Was Banned

'Go watch some real porn,' she admonishes critics

An ad for Playboy lingerie from Australian retailer Bras N Things has been deemed by the country's ad watchdog to be too risqué to be shown on digital billboards. But the model in the spot has some choice words for critics who called the ad "vulgar" and likened it to "amateur porn." 

The model, Simone Holtznagel, a former Australia's Next Top Model contestant, was furious about many of the complaints cited by the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau in banning the ad.

One complaint read: "They were not merely modeling the underwear, they were moving suggestively, gyrating and looking lasciviously at the camera—like a very amateur porn movie. It was a demeaning and embarrassing display." Another read: "It was vulgar, unsuitable for the young and simply demeaning for any woman walking past."

See the ad here: 

After the ban was announced, Holtznagel took to Instagram to give her side of the story, lambasting her critics. "How dare you sexualize my body," she writes. "How dare—after all society's requests—you take a confident and carefree depiction of a normal, healthy womanly body, promoting women's products to women, and deem it offensive."

Read her full post below.

Ironically, it isn't a lack of clothes but a lack of logos that might have doomed the outdoor ad in the end. In its decision, the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau wrote, in part: "The Board noted the video depicts a model moving around and considered that the model is stroking her hair and moving her body suggestively and that this amounts to a sexualized impact. The Board considered that as the video image contains no branding of the shop or the particular line of lingerie, there is a more sexualized impact of the material as the focus is on the woman's body rather than on what she is wearing."

A version of the spot remains up on YouTube that does close with the chain's logo.