Planning on Having a St. Patrick’s Day Hangover? These Ads Show How to Quickly Recover

Blowfish goes big on a big weekend

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Whether you’re Irish or not, pub crawls and green beer for everybody!

A new campaign from Blowfish, a hangover cure, isn’t encouraging anyone to overindulge today on St. Patrick’s Day, or during the full weekend of Celtic-inspired celebrations that will likely follow. (Boston’s famous parade is Sunday.) But if you do tie one on, there’s a fizzy remedy for that. So, pop a few tabs and go to work on Monday, drunkard.

The campaign, with two digital videos and display banners on Facebook, Instagram and Google, touts the FDA-regulated hangover cure with catch phrases like, “For when you literally can’t even” and “For when you’re medically alive, but mentally dead.”

The ads come from agency Humanaut, which recently overhauled the brand’s website and package design, to address the estimated 2.6 billion times a year that Americans imbibe too much and wake up with a toilet on their heads, sometimes literally.

“We’ve all had nights that get away from us,” says Humanaut founder and chief creative director David Littlejohn. “It’s been fun to work with a company that takes hangovers seriously and believes people shouldn’t be punished for having a good time. We like to think of Blowfish as the drug company that parties.”

It could be attributed to spring fever, but apparently this particular stretch of the calendar spawns a lot of heavy drinking. The day after St. Patrick’s Day is the second most popular “sick day” in America, just behind the opening days of March Madness, according to a recent study from Those two line up perfectly this year, though the weekend buffer could mitigate what the research estimates is some $134 million in lost productivity at work.

Still, many of the country’s St. Patrick’s Day parades will take place on the weekend, including Chicago’s and San Francisco’s, so it’s a reasonable expectation that the partying will continue for days. And March Madness will still be in full swing on Sunday.

The ads, promoting the effervescent combo of aspirin and caffeine, say, in the truest of truisms, “Hangovers are the worst,” and position the product as the ultimate duty-calls crutch “for when you feel like dying, but also have to do stuff.”

Client – Blowfish
Will Conrad, CMO at Blowfish
Agency – Humanaut
Media Agency – Redwood
Campaign Title – Blowfish Relaunch
Chief Creative Director – David Littlejohn
Chief Strategy Officer – Andrew Clark
Account Supervisor – Michelle Sturgis
Creative Directors in Residence – Liza Behles, Andy Pearson
Design Director – Stephanie Gelabert
Designer – Guillermo Casanova, Coleson Amon, Bethany Maxfield
Illustrator – Bethany Maxfield
Art Director: Greg Dalbey
Production Company – Humanaut Productions
Producer – Tommy Wilson
Animator – Min Liu, Bethany Maxfield
Media: Redwood

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