Pizza Maker Traces the Product’s Origins Back to . . . Korea?

Mr. Pizza engages in a little revisionist history

Little-known historical fact: Marco Polo stole the idea for pizza from Korea where it was invented. Or, you know, maybe not. Anyway, that's the claim a Korean pizza chain makes in this video from SS+K. Mr. Pizza has more than 350 stores in Korea, but only two in the U.S. The chain says it's hoping to expand here next year and was looking for a way to make a big impression quickly and cheaply. SS+K chief creative officer Kash Sree says the idea came from something Mr. Pizza executives were already saying—that the chain makes pizza "the original way." They meant that they use fresh dough, but the agency took the idea all the way with the three-minute mockumentary exposing the food's origins in Korea. Sharethrough helped seed the video, which has views well into the hundreds of thousands. The video may seem a little dry at first, with lots of talking heads addressing the ridiculous subject matter-of-factly. (Well, except for the college student who declares, "I hate Marco Polo!") But Sree says that was important even if it could have hurt the video's chances of going viral. "We thought the idea would catch on because it was fun and almost believable, but that the vehicle of making it semi-believable would be the thing that would go against it going viral. It had to be a bit dry," he says. "No one got hurt, and no one's pants exploded."

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