Pizza Joint Responds to McDonald’s Ad With Great Tribute to Its Own Stupid-Funny Signs

Not as inspiring, but they'll make you laugh

When McDonald's debuted its well-intentioned "Signs" ad a few weeks ago, it was met with some praise but mostly mockery and derision.

Joining in the fun is Dallas pizza place Zoli's NY Pizza, which threw together the clever video below, featuring its own unique spin on inspired signs. It posted the parody on Facebook with the jab, "Sorry, McDonald's … we did signs before signs were cool. Nice try, tho."

A slideshow of snappy signs like "Y U No Eat Gluten" and "Please Just Call it Soccer" is set to the children's choir rendition of Fun's "Carry On," just like the infamous "Signs" ad. 

Zoli's doesn't stop at McDonald's, either. It doesn't hesitate to stick it to other fast-food establishments, like Papa John's with "Much Better Ingredients Much Better Pizza" and Burger King with the throwback Humpty Dance lyric, "Once Got Busy in a Burger King Bathroom."

Your move, Taco Bell.

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