Pizza Hut Surprises Families With Truly Crazy Holiday Deliveries of Its Triple Treat Box

The more the merrier

Order a pizza, get a flash mob. And a brass band, drum solo and pyrotechnics display.

Pizza Hut, on a relentless tear to promote its limited-time holiday-themed Triple Treat Box, busted out the good cheer on some unsuspecting folks in Orem, Utah, recently. When residents answered the door for their double-pizza-breadsticks-and-giant-cookie combo, the deliverer serenaded them with an operatic version of Silent Night.

The caroling continued as the crowd on the front lawn grew and grew. Handbells! Horse and carriage! Two full choirs! The hungry families were so delighted—their faces, captured on film surreptitiously, are the very definition of merry and bright—they don't even seem to care that dinner's getting cold.

The video comes from Los Angeles-based Shareability, and it's part of the ongoing Pizza Hut campaign to hype the novelty $20 product that launched last month with a TV spot starring pop legend Michael Bolton, leggy dancers in Santa suits and USC quarterback Matt Leinart.

Never mind the logic, just give in to the revelry.

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