Pizza campaigns getting all up in your grill

Pizza chains have gotten mighty inquisitive lately in their ad campaigns. Domino’s wants to know what people do in the 30 minutes it takes for a delivery to arrive. (I sit quietly and review Domino’s commercials, myself.) Now, Imo’s in St. Louis, which makes toppings-to-the-edge pizza, gets up in everybody’s face about their competitors’ leftover crusts. What do we do with them, Imo’s wonders in its latest ads. That pizza-crust ring of Saturn is pretty cool. Even so, what I choose to do with my crusts is my business. If I stick them up my nostrils and bark like a walrus: It’s my business! Here’s an old spot for Pizza Hut’s Edge pie. If I were Pizza Hut, I’d call out the lawyers. Don’t sue Imo’s for ripping off your edge concept—sue yourselves, because your pizza sucks. Now, excuse me, I’ve got to put an ice-pack on my nose.

—Posted by David Gianatasio