This Pizza Brand’s Outdoor Ads Are Hard to Notice, and That’s the Point

Near invisibility is a virtue for Daiya Foods

Making out-of-home ads that are hard for people to see sounds like a terrible idea. But Daiya Foods does just that with clever ad placements in a new campaign that plays off the line, "It's easier to notice this ad than notice our pizza is dairy-free."

Some ads are running where few people look (like on top of a bus), while others are almost too small to see (tiny stickers on benches, crosswalk lights, elevator panels, phone kiosks and more) or go by too fast to read (taxi tops).

The campaign, by TDA_Boulder, extends to digital and print, including full-page ads with tiny 2¼-by-¼-inch headlines in magazines such as Cooking Light, Every Day With Rachel Ray, Fitness, Health and Food Network Magazine.


Client: Daiya Foods

Agency: TDA_Boulder

Art Director: Austin O'Connor

Copywriter: Dan Colburn

Creative Director: Jeremy Seibold

Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Schoenberg