Pixies’ Santiago goes commercial

Pixies fans, rejoice! Everyone else, prepare to hear commercial music that just might make you scratch your head. Pixies lead guitarist Joey Santiago has become “a featured artist, working exclusively in the realm of television commercials," for EliasArts. The sound and music house last night sponsored a screening of loudQUIETloud, a documentary, also playing at the Tribeca Flim Festival, about the band’s 2004 “sellout tour.” Santiago, who is shown in the film working on a documentary score, summed up his reasons for tackling commercials with the line, “I enjoy making music,” before adding that “Dave has his magic. I have a studio, and I want to keep working it.” Pixies drummer Dave Lovering also appeared at the screening, warming up the crowd with a spot-on mind-reading schtick. It was the perfect prelude to an intimate, bittersweet portrait of the band members as they tour and experience life on the road together again, more than a decade after their acrimonious split. The camera follows the musicians as they grapple with life after their music-darling days and relive the fan frenzy that initially surprises. While the band will be playing European festivals this summer, fans shouldn’t hold their breath for new Pixies tunes. The question of a new album goes unanswered by the film, which shows the bandmates working on their own projects during down time. AdFreak won’t give too much away, but guess which member is newly sober and which one relaxes with self-affirmation tapes? The filmmakers, who shot about 700 hours of footage while on tour with the band, said they expect to release the film on DVD later this year.

—Posted by Eleftheria Parpis