Pitman: always fashionably late

Pitman_1The things about Pitman is, he takes his time.

You know Pitman. Axe deodorant’s studly spokesmember. A disembodied armpit with legs who smells just peachy and always gets the girl (usually in a room with shag carpeting). A while back, AdFreak played a Pitman game on Axe’s Web site—a Tetris-type diversion, with the game pieces sporting pictures of women (there’s a new game up there now). Anyway, we did well, and we won a Pitman keychain.

Months later, we got an e-mail. “A few weeks ago, we challenged you to help Pitman manage his ladies,” it said. “And you answered that challenge—racking, packing, and stacking Pitman’s ladies with a performance that earned your very own Pitman keychain. We just wanted to let you know that your prize is coming. We had hoped to get it to you sooner, but what can we say … Pitman has been, well, let’s just say he’s been a little tied up.”

He soon arrived. And look at him. For a keychain, he’s freaking enormous, for one thing. And the glued-on tuft of hair is disturbing (a bit too soft, maybe).

We’re still not sure about this Bartle Bogle Hegarty creation. In fact, we’re taking the keys off him right now and putting him in the bottom drawer, where he belongs.

–Posted by Tim Nudd