Pill bottles: the height of cool

Target, the store that brings you design-heavy products from tea pots to hand soap, has gone one step further, redesigning the classic cylindrical prescription pill bottle, in part by turning it upside down. (The photo shown here is merely AdFreak’s interpretation, BTW.) Debuting on Sunday, the new bottle rests on its cap, is an oblong, square shape, and has a wide label that wraps around the top of the bottle, according to an AP story picked up by USA Today. It was designed by  Deborah Adler and Klaus Rosburg, according to this feature in New York magazine, and was created in part to lessen the chance that meds would be taken by mistake. But we suspect the real reason is to induce pill bottle envy (which Target does well—remember the Michael Graves teapot frenzy of ’98?). The new design could make pill poppers everywhere think their pill bottles aren’t cool enough, thus forcing the style-conscious to use Target pharmacies exclusively.