Phone Ad Scares Living Daylights Out of British

Spot with dead girl faces possible ban

Boo! This Phones 4U commercial from the U.K., featuring a ghostly little girl who haunts a woman in a deserted parking garage, is scary. We're talking road-safety PSA stuff here—solid chills. Britain's Ad Standards Authority has received close to 200 complaints about the spot from folks who say it upset them or their kids. The ad could face an ASA ban, but the client—famous for generating buzz with its controversial ads, and no doubt lapping up this mini-media frenzy—gets a thumbs-up from a higher authority. (No, not Jesus. Me.) This is one fun, freaky ad—a memorably morbid change of pace in an often deathly-dull category—and the big babies across the pond should quit whining. Especially when there's real stuff over there to be frightened of. Like that boy-band milk campaign from Yeo Valley. Now that sends chills down my spine!