Philly putting its downtown area up in lights

Philadelphia is now the "Electri-City," having achieved this dubious distinction by turning on permanent, multicolored architectural lights on 12 historic downtown buildings in the streets around City Hall. It's part of a push by the Center City District to "build downtown night-time street traffic, civic pride and add to city's cultural attractions," and includes an ad campaign by LevLane. The juice will flow all year round, from dusk until midnight. Hey, I like lights as much as the next guy, but electricity alone is unlikely to attract many visitors, who can already witness that marvel of science in Topeka, Oxnard, Walla-Walla and most other cities across this great nation. (OK, maybe not in Oxnard.) Hopefully Philadelphia consulted with an electrician, too, because if those extra watts black out the local hospitals or half of the Jersey Shore, there's going to be PR hell to pay.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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