Phil Shifley, Guy Who Faked His Own Death for DirecTV, Pops Up on Facebook

Find out where he is, and win 'bragging rights'

Not since they sold Gregor the Russian billionaire's tiny giraffes has DirecTV had a TV spot spin off amusingly into a random and goofy online campaign. This time, Phil Shifley, the alias of the guy who faked his own death and attended his own funeral in the amusing DirecTV campaign from Grey, has popped up on Facebook. That's the extent of his known whereabouts—for now. DirecTV is challenging you to find him, and "win bragging rights." That's not a great prize, but you can also just friend Phil and rap with him. He's quite chatty, and needs all sorts of advice for a "friend" who needs facial work and tips for surviving in the wilderness. Check out some of Phil's recent status updates after the jump.

• Cheap hair dye can really burn your scalp. Or so says that friend of mine who uses hair dye a lot.

• I found out what was causing my headaches. These glasses. That I totally need by the way. Because I need glasses. That's totally true.

• Does anyone know a plastic surgeon that can work really fast for very little money mostly at night? I have a sports injury.

• Remember that movie Face/Off with the face switching? Can that really happen?

• Not sure why so many are copying my look on Facebook? I don't mind blending in.

• I've been considering buying a new boat. That doesn't mean I used to have one. I just mean I'm buying a brand new one.

• My friend, who's been living in the woods for a while, ate some weird looking berries and can't stop sweating. Does anyone have any advice? For him?

• Been eating at a lot of truck stop diners. Well, not at the diners exactly. Behind them. Where they dump the stale bread.

• I've been seeing a lot of the country. Because I'm on a road trip. With my best friend Pete who's not on Facebook so don't bother looking for him. But he's real.

• Hey maybe that Pacquiao judge should start hanging out with me on my road trip?

• How lucky can a guy get in the biggest, little city in the world?

• So many new…..uh, "friends"….thanks? Not used to this much attention.

• I'm looking for an apartment rental. Preferably something with no windows, a safe room, and a secret underground tunnel that leads to the highway. Let me know if you hear of anything.

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