PHD video makes people utterly loathe PHD


Media agency PHD made the video below for an industry conference "to stimulate discussion within the marketing industry." And stimulate discussion they did! It's not a stretch to say this clip, since its YouTube release on Feb. 7, has become one of the most reviled pieces of communication ever released by a marketing agency. It features a bunch of child actors spouting jargon about how marketers can best approach the task of warping young minds now and in the future. It's almost like the old "When I Grow Up" commercial from the 1999 Super Bowl, but without the punch line. Just have a look at some of the YouTube comments. "Satan just obtained a new soul." "This is solid reason for genocide against marketing departments." "I'm pretty certain this is actually a covert al-Qaeda recruitment film." And those are some of the nicer remarks. The agency has since apologized for the video "to anyone who did not like it" and admitted they "got it wrong on this occasion." In the wake of this travesty, PHD has been roundly advised to leave the creativity to the creatives. Good advice, yes?