Pharrell Anoints a New Generation (and Definition) of Superstars in Adidas Video

Pushing talent into the spotlight

Johannes Leonardo's new "Superstar" campaign for Adidas, which features Pharrell and is centered around the Supershell collection he designed, claims to both democratize the idea of superstardom and make it less ambiguous.

Well, you can't accuse them of aiming their sights too low, that's for sure.

The first video in the campaign questioned the idea that fame is necessary for superstardom, and the more recent video, "Audience of One," makes good on that premise by introducing a bunch of people no one has ever heard of as Pharrell-approved superstars.

They include American musician Pusha T, actor/director Grigoriy Dobrygin, Japanese designer Yoon, Chinese designer V.J. Mian and Mexican illustrator Smithe, all of whom state that they create purely for self-expression, with no desire for fame or glory. (Given that they're all appearing in an ad for a global shoe brand featuring a major celebrity, they don't seem too allergic to the idea of fame, though.)

One neat aspect of this campaign is the "pay it forward" component, wherein the five people I just named will shine a light on other creative people, forever marking them as cool via the hashtag #OriginalSuperstar. Who knows, perhaps future elements of this campaign might even focus on shoes in any significant way.

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