Peyton and Eli Manning Punk College Kids With a Very Demanding Gatorade Vending Machine

Brand brings back 'Sweat it to get it'

Peyton Manning is back to shame more lazy people into earning their Gatorade with sweat, and this time he's brought his brother with him.

In a new reality-style ad series from TBWA\Chiat\Day, Peyton, quarterback of the Denver Broncos, and Eli, quarterback of the New York Giants, play coach to college students who are foolishly trying to use money to get drinks out of a Gatorade vending machine. Rob Belushi, who starred as the convenience store clerk in a similar series last year, returns here as a deadpan janitor.

Despite the possibility that everything is staged, the reactions of the kids, when it dawns on them that the two adults hovering over him are actually football stars, are pretty priceless. And it's refreshing to see an automated dispenser that refuses to comply, no matter what you do. (The kids are advised that they have to "Sweat it to get it," but that doesn't seem to work, either.)

Some other spots show Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt putting other students through the wringer in various ways.

The concept first launched last August. The "Sweat it to get it" tagline is still charmingly snide, but seems to cut out a significant portion of the population who drink Gatorade only to recover from hangovers—unless that counts as hard work, which it should.

Regardless, the Mannings can't easily beat their ridiculous rap bit for DirecTV—at least not by sitting back and letting everyone else do the heavy lifting.