Peter Graves still loves his Turkish prisons

Honors this week for oddest Web-address redirect go to an online campaign by Cramer-Krasselt for AirTran airlines. In one of several roundabout allusions to his long-ago role as a pedophilic pilot in Airplane!, actor Peter Graves mentions "" as a site people spend time on now that the Internet has made them more productive. Typing in that Web address, with some trepidation, Adfreak found itself quickly re-routed to an AirTran site. The point of the campaign is to emphasize that AirTran offers in-flight WiFi service. Whether they care about that or not, viewers who recall the Airplane! movies (with their parodies of the previous decade's disaster-movie genre) will want to check out the campaign just for the pleasure of hearing Graves intone the phrase "gladiator movies" again.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver