PETA’s Dog-Turkey Protests Thanksgiving Slaughter

This creature could actually be useful

You know Thanksgiving is almost here when PETA creates an ad designed to kill the holiday buzz (and spare the main course). Cue the hybrid turkey-dog (durkey? toggie?) depicted on billboards slated to go up near public schools in Tulsa, Okla., Jacksonville, Fla., and Salem, Ore. (but clearly designed to garner as much controversy and press as possible). PETA asks, "Kids: If you wouldn't eat your dog, why eat a turkey?" and aims to bring attention to the abusive conditions some birds face on corporate farms. First of all, who says I wouldn't eat my dog? Joking, of course. Relax, Rover. Hmm, a turkey-dog crossbreed … consider the possibilities: Take one out hunting, and it would flush itself from the bushes. Plus, it would scare off burglars and then cook up nice and plump. Seriously, though, PETA touts soy-based turkey substitutes as an alternative to the traditional bird. Serve up that vegan crud on the last Thursday of this month, and your guests will have one less thing to be thankful for. Full ad after the jump.