PETA Wants Turkeys to Sit at the Holiday Dinner Table—Not on It

The animated film promotes a peaceful and vegan Christmas

The world’s largest animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has released its first Christmas campaign offering the point of view of a turkey over the holiday season.

Created by animation house Dream Farm Studios, the two-minute film introduces Toby the turkey, showing his life-story and how he came to make it to the dining table of a family who found him in the middle of a country road after his mother saved him from being culled at the abattoir.

The film has the vibrant colors and cuteness of a Pixar classic. It also has dark moments that makes the members of the audience consider their eating habits from the point of view of the bird.

It closes with the message: “Peace on Earth begins at home—have a vegan Christmas.”

Dream Farm Studios, PETA

Cruelty-free Christmas

In a statement, PETA described turkeys as “intelligent and social bird[s].” The online film aims to make Brits think about their Christmas eating habits, with PETA claiming that between 9-11 million turkeys are killed each year just for dinner on the big day.

The film will run in cinemas across the U.K. in the build-up to Christmas at Vue, Cineworld,and Odeon branches, although it won’t be shown ahead of any younger children’s films due to being rated 12A by the film classification board.

Meanwhile, last week PETA called on Sony Santa Monica, the makers of the computer game God of War Ragnarök, to add a new mode that would remove its depiction of violence against animals.

This is specifically aimed at one section of the game featuring a large chained-up white wolf that the players must battle. The request to add a “PETA mode” came as it stated in a tweet that “dogs should never be kept chained or penned outdoors.”

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