PETA Urges Better Treatment of Arthropodal Killing Machines in Video Game

Please be nice to the Zerg

PETA is planning to hand out anti-abuse pamphlets at the launch of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, urging gamers to respect the game's pixelated extraterrestrials known as The Zerg. The pamphlet, titled "Zerglings Have Feelings, Too," is a reminder to have compassion for all beings—real or fictional—and is emblazoned with an adorable rendering of the series' horrific arthropodal antagonists. In an impressive moment of sanity, the PETA blog acknowledges that "Terrans for the Ethical Treatment of Zerglings" is simply a parody. And the press release even mentions that it's a direct response to the impressive level of (bad) press they got for their Pokémon mod a few months back. Is it really a parody, though, if no one realizes it's a parody? Already, gamers are taking the bait and flaming PETA with a level of vitriol usually reserved for fellow gamers.