PETA Sues San Diego Airport for Rejecting Anti-SeaWorld Ad

Parks have faced increased criticism since Blackfish

Claiming that its anti-SeaWorld billboard was wrongfully rejected for display, PETA is suing the San Diego Airport Authority with backing from the ACLU. 

The billboard pairs actress Kathy Najimy's face with the message: "Welcome to San Diego! If you love animals like I do, please avoid SeaWorld." It's part of an ongoing campaign against the marine park chain, whose critics have been whipped into a frenzy since the debut of the hard-hitting documentary Blackfish about the park's alleged mistreatment of orcas. 

PETA also released a statement from Najimy (best known these days as the voice of Peggy Hill), who suggested other tourist attractions like Balboa Park and the Old Globe theater, as well as getting "naked at Black's Beach." I mean, it is PETA. Even if she hadn't said that, they'd probably add it in post.