PETA prez to work for used car dealer!

Bear_car1Bidding has ended to hire PETA president Ingrid Newkirk for a day, and the winner … is … a … Vista, Calif. used car dealer, Bear Auto Sales(!?), whose logo is pictured here. We weep—our fantasies about Anna Wintour or J. Lo employing her as a slave—with The Insider covering the story exclusively!— are all for naught. The price “bearautovista” paid was $43,600 … and now we’re left struggling to find the angle here. Does this car dealer perhaps employ the services of a dancing bear which she’d have to take care of? Will she be forced to clean remnants of roadkill off of pickup trucks the dealer has for resale? We’re bereft … and somehow, we don’t think this was what PETA had in mind, either. Meanwhile, we’ll sit around wondering what buzz—besides this confused post—this whole thing generates. [UPDATE: PETA commented to this post by pointing to its release on this subject. The people who "bought" Newkirk are animal-rights activists. Newkirk has the choice of either spending a day at a spa or "going naked for a day to protest fur."]

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor