PETA gets away with doggie Hitler-tisement

Hitler rears his ugly head all the time in rogue ads. Just in the past year, we seen him having sex in an AIDS awareness campaign, swimming with sperm in a condom ad, and morphed with James Dean in an ad touting a retailer's wide selection of books and movies. Now, PETA is doing a little Hitler-tising of its own, giving a dog a Hitler mustache in a new ad as a way of questioning the health and well-being of pedigree dogs in the U.K. Naturally, there have been complaints, but the U.K.'s ad watchdog has ruled that the ad is not offensive. "We acknowledged that the image and text were emotive but did not consider the ad was likely to cause serious or widespread offense or to mislead," says a spokesman. PETA, of course, had its own quotes packaged and ready to go, too. "It is not our ad that is offensive but the false and dangerous belief that some breeds or races are superior to others," says a rep. UPDATE: In today's other bit of PETA news, Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, is allowing PETA to place the ad shown below on the lawn of her home, in exchange for $5,000 and "a one month's supply of veggie burgers and veggie dogs for her whole family." What a deal.

—Posted by Tim Nudd