PETA Ads With 'Hot' Women Could Run on Baltimore Fire Trucks

And this isn't even PETA's idea

For those of you who don't follow Baltimore city politics (I live here, so I'm going to share my pain with you), city councilman William "Pete" Welch, best known around town for living off his mother's name and shooting a gun at the ground during an argument over $40, has proposed selling ads on city fire trucks to ease the burdens of a troublesome economy. It's a stupid idea, so of course PETA is all over it, and even has a sexy-vegan ad prepared in case the bill passes. In a letter to Welch, PETA claims its ad, which features a rather bosomy young lady in a bikini, "will drive Baltimore residents to PETA's heart-healthy vegan recipes that will keep them firing on all cylinders." I'll give PETA this much: They reached out to the right guy if they're interested in keeping Baltimore citizens firing.