Pepsi NEXT Refreshes the Taste Test With Web Parodies

Spoofs of Internet celebs try the new drink

Pepsi NEXT wants you to know it's savvy to the internets. It's already launched a TV ad featuring a break-dancing, guitar-shredding baby, created by TBWAChiatDay in Los Angeles. Now, it's out with a cyberculture-fueled digital campaign from The Barbarian Group, featuring Web celebrities taste-testing the drink—as imagined by Funny or Die talent. The spoofs are pretty on the nose: Meme character Scumbag Steve wants to crash high school parties, wine salesman Gary Vaynerchuk is brutally enthusiastic, and BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti makes the case for branded content. Also among those parodied: comedians Rob Riggle, who also appears as himself, and Casey Wilson. Keep an eye on Pepsi's Facebook page for more celebrity clips over the next couple of weeks. Or, if you're feeling bold, sign up for a chance to get your own parody—Funny or Die actors will mock select Pepsi NEXT fans in improv clips based on profile information. Make sure you know how to laugh at yourself, though: If the brand's impersonation of singer songwriter "Laura L." is any indication, it won't be pulling punches. More videos after the jump.