Pepsi lording it over Coke for a change

Pepsi and Coca-Cola are grabbing headlines today in a big way after some Coke employee and accomplices offered to sell trade secrets to Pepsi, which promptly called in the feds. As a result, the perennial No. 2 cola maker is enjoying a PR bonanza. “Competition can sometimes be fierce, but it also must be fair and legal.” Pithy bits of wisdom like that, from a Pepsi rep, would be laughed out of newsrooms under almost any other circumstances. Today, however, Pepsi’s high-minded quips are in demand. The media, pardon the pun, are literally drinking it up. (OK, don’t pardon the pun. Either way.) As a dutiful cog in the media machine, I offer up two points to ponder: 1) What information did those bozos peddle that Pepsi couldn’t have figured out on its own? “Sugar’s the secret ingredient. Where’s my 10 grand?” “Pssst, the word on the street is … lime”? 2) Sure, the folks at Pepsi turned them in. But can we be sure they didn’t take a peek at what they were selling?

—Posted by David Gianatasio