Pepcid offering subservient heartburn relief

You can imagine how many times The Barbarian Group gets a client asking them for another Subservient Chicken. (Probably as often as EVB gets "Elf Yourself" requests.) That's probably the case here with Johnson & Johnson, which turned to TBG for a Pepcid site. The result,, channels the Chicken by letting users enter their dreams, which it then recreates as Flash animations. The idea is that Pepcid gives you more time to spend with your dreams rather than sitting up awake, regretting the decision to order those chicken wings. The site certainly isn't as compelling as Subservient Chicken, recently given the nod as The One Show's Digital Campaign of the Decade, but it can lead to entertaining results. UPDATE: TBG worked with JWT New York on the effort. Also, the site has a natural language processor with 16,000 words. See more in the video below.

Pepcid: Max My Dream from Barbarian Group on Vimeo.