People Fall in Love With Hondas, to the Music of Angels, in These Clearance Sale Ads

How it feels to be smitten

Ah, car dealerships. They're such wondrous places, awash in glitter and vibrating to the ebullient rhythm of dancing feet and upbeat songs of love.

Well, that's true for the showrooms in these new Honda Clearance Sale spots from RPA, at any rate. The campaign, which broke Monday, features covers of well-known pop tunes in what the automaker describes as an effort "to capture the moment people become smitten with a new Honda."

Apparently, falling for an Accord makes "Crazy in Love" reverberate through your brain. Not Beyoncé's original version, mind you, but a doo-wop-y interpretation performed by squeaky-clean songsters clad in red:

Did you see that guy caress the dashboard? He's cra-zay in love with that car! Dude, get a room. Or better yet, a garage.

Actually, his passion pales in comparison to the intense "Head Over Heels" desire this shopper in a yellow dress feels for a CR-V:

Floating in the back seat like that, she looks more possessed than in love, but whatever.

Next, a '60s-style girl group channels one of Kelly Clarkson's biggest hits to inform us that life would suck without a Civic:

Finally, a choir of angels rises to the occasion in a spot plugging various Honda models. (Remember to breathe, people!)

"Ultimately, our goal is to break through the car sales-event clutter and remind people that summer is the best time to get a great deal on a Honda," says Susie Rossick, assistant vp of marketing at Honda.

Indeed, these spots are distinctive and memorable, and their self-consciously goofy, Glee-inspired production numbers hit all the right notes. Choosing immediately recognizable tracks should fuel interest, and the coupling of cars and pop music feels in sync with the countless hours we've all spent on the road, singing along with our favorite tunes.

If nothing else, the approach trumps standard clearance ads where dealers claim that their cars can be had for a song.