Penningtons Has a Hit With a Full-Figured Yogi Who Puts Your Shaky Headstand to Shame

Who says plus-size women can't do yoga?

Canadian clothing company Penningtons is the latest among a growing number of brands waving the body-positive banner. Its most recent activewear spot, created by lg2, showcases a bad-ass plus-size woman confidently nailing yoga poses, as on-screen copy makes unfounded—but common—assertions about why such women can't or shouldn't do yoga. 

"Plus size women have no balance," the copy says, as the yogi sticks her one-legged dancer pose with nary a waver. When "They're too heavy to lift themselves" flashes across screen, our model gracefully elongates into a headstand. 

The copy pivots to its punch line by using the mother of all these ugly thoughts: "They make everyone around them uncomfortable."

That's followed by, "Are you uncomfortable? We're not."

The video is receiving an overwhelmingly positive response on Facebook, with fans lauding Penningtons for including plus-size fashions and shutting down common myths.

Now that yoga's no longer considered a exclusive sport for the lithe and lean (the rapid rise of @biggalyoga on Instagram is evidence of this), it's not just great motivational messaging—it's a smart branding move, too.