Penélope Cruz Sprouts Mario Mustache in Nintendo Ad

The price for losing to sister Mónica

Penélope Cruz is adorable. She's also an incredibly talented actress, though you wouldn't necessarily know it from this new commercial for Nintendo, which focuses mostly on her—and her sister Mónica's—ability to be cute by cooing and pouting and blowing kisses while lying around playing Super Mario on their 3DS handhelds. This is probably an appropriate strategy for appealing to the many gamers who really just want to dream about the Cruz sisters cooing and pouting, and blowing kisses while lying around and playing Super Mario in "girlfriend mode." (Not to be confused with a whole different kind of girlfriend mode displayed by Mónica in her recent, racy Agent Provocateur ad.) Anyways, bonus points for the cosplay geeks: Penélope dons a Mario outfit at the end of the Nintendo spot, a less gleeful occurrence for those viewers who might think she looks better without a mustache.