Pee-wee stuck on perpetual comeback trail

It’s summer, and that means it’s time for the annual Pee-wee Herman comeback story. As the man himself says, “I feel like I’m on my third or fourth comeback at least.” We were saying the same thing this time last year. This week, Reubens’ most famous character made a surprise appearance at the Spike TV Guys’ Choice Awards (does that bother anyone else?), and recent television work has seen Reubens playing a bevy of unsettling eccentrics, not to suggest he’s been typecast or anything. And he’s been hanging around David Arquette, which isn’t a good sign either. Still no new ads, though. Regardless, I hope we see more of Reubens this time. I loved Pee-wee Herman as a kid and thought he did well enough in Mystery Men to counteract Ben Stiller, and I’d like to see what else he has on his plate. Provided, of course, that it isn’t what keeps getting him in trouble.

—Posted by David Kiefaber