Pee-wee Herman Spoofs Melissa Leo’s ‘For Your Consideration’ Ad

Pee-wee Herman has created a for-your-consideration Emmy ad that's a dead ringer for one of Melissa Leo's infamous Oscars self-promotion ads. (Hey, it worked for her.) Herman is campaigning for his HBO special, which was a TV version of his Broadway show. That Broadway show, in turn, was a live stage incarnation of his beloved TV series of yore. Since that's already meta to the extreme, why not recreate an image that caused such a big hubbub in Hollywood earlier this year? Longtime character actress Leo had wrapped herself in faux fur in some print ads in trade pubs and asked Oscar voters to "consider" her. They did, and she won the Academy Award for The Fighter, but not before an avalanche of criticism for her boldness (some said tactlessness). Her reply: Sometimes you gotta pimp yourself out. Pee-wee won't have to defend his choice here. He may need to prepare for a round of backslapping, and maybe a second wave when he wins the Emmy. Full ad after the jump.