Pay your respects to these nasty old sodas

This soft-drink graveyard (“A tribute to soft drinks no longer with us”) sure takes me back. I think I was 10 when Crystal Pepsi first appeared in vending machines, and I actually liked the stuff. Not sure what that says about me, since everyone else on earth hated it. Actually, most of these drinks are Pepsi products, with the exception of Orbitz (“No seriously, guys, people like random whatsit floating in their drinks!”) and New Coke, a beverage so contemptible that conspiracy theories surfaced in an attempt to explain its cataclysmic suckage. The graveyard’s proprietor “can’t afford new soda because [he] bought too much 10-year-old soda.” Sweet Jesus, old junk food is that valuable? Remind me to stockpile cans of this so I can get rich in 10 years. Via Presurfer.

—Posted by David Kiefaber