Paula Broadwell Stars in This Infomercial for a Crazy Futuristic Weapon

A military expert for Kriss Arms

You can add another title to the growing list of Paula Broadwell's roles—that of infomercial star. The biographer and alleged mistress of David Petraeus endorses a futuristic weapon called the Kriss Vector in this six-minute infomercial for gun manufacturer Kriss Arms. Skip to 1:37 for her first appearance. Filmed last December, the video includes footage of Broadwell, a 1995 West Point graduate, firing the weapon and speaking about the advantages of lightweight arms. "On the individual fighter, reducing weight is critical because of fatigue and stress," she says. "Weight reduction can greatly improve the efficiency of a firearm. It allows the trooper to carry it further, obviously, for the individuals out there on the battlefield. And that trooper should have more confidence in that system he is carrying, ideally." Given the risky nature and location of her antics with Petraeus, it's surprising Broadwell didn't endorse the Back-Up bedside shotgun instead.