Paul Rudd barely survives a mentoring PSA

Apparently as punishment for playing a terrible Big Brother in the crap sandwich film Role Models, Paul Rudd had done this PSA for Big Brothers Big Sisters. The star of films such as Clueless, Anchorman and The 40 Year Old Virgin says Big Brothers Big Sisters is no laughing matter. I'd believe him if it weren't obvious that this was take No. 28 and that he ruined takes 1 through 27 by cracking up. He barely contains it in the final cut: You've seen that smirk before in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Reno 911! And you know what comes next—the ultra-sarcastic laugh that makes you want to punch him in the nose until it bleeds Big Brother blood. So, ignore Paul Rudd, but check out Big Brothers Big Sisters anyway.

—Posted by Jeremy Greenfield