Paul Lavoie wouldn’t say no

Lavoie_2Disdain for the pitching process was a major theme at Tuesday afternoon’s “New Kids on the Block” panel, part of Advertising Week. It’s what you’d expect from a panel consisting of execs from Taxi, Anomaly and StrawberryFrog. But apparently, even these guys occasionally entertain the thought of (just about) giving ideas away. Asked if their shops would agree to be paid a measly $100,000 to give some ideas to troubled Ford Motor Co., Anomaly’s Jason DeLand and StrawberryFrog’s Scott Goodson both said no. But Taxi’s Paul Lavoie (shown here) piped in brightly: “Well, I’m a whore. We take it case by case.” Unfortunately, as long as Taxi continues to handle Mini, that example will have to remain hypothetical.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor