Pathological Liars Choose Land Rover

Not much truth in advertising in Y&R spot

Who needs truth in advertising? Young & Rubicam's "You'll feel safe inside" campaign for Land Rover takes a smart turn with this well-written and deftly acted vignette about a guy who seeks refuge in the vehicle as he confesses to his girlfriend that he's a pathological liar who's fibbed about every detail of his life throughout their relationship. In real life, a Sherman tank might not provide sufficient protection to save such a rogue from grievous bodily harm. This guy has lied about his name, his job, his affection for the gal in question, and even his nationality. She should have suspected something wasn't right. Right? First of all, there are plenty of hints that he's not really French. His accent stinks—le pew! And with that butt-ugly beard and woeful wardrobe (is that a tablecloth around his neck?), he'd be laughed off the Champs-Élysées. Yeah, the dude's a jerk, but if he can afford an LR4, with a sticker price around $57,000, he might still be a good catch. Unless he also lied about owning the car. He probably did. Still, there are worse potential boyfriends. Honest.