Partyin’ like it’s 1990-1999

Is anyone really ready to be nostalgic about the ’90s? As in the 1990s?

Robert Wattman, who already has clubs dedicated to the ’80s and ’70s, is. So he’s doing what, for him, comes naturally: He’s opening a ’90s-themed club in New York called Nerveana. (Any loose reference to Nirvana is absolutely intended.) Said club is outfitted with everything from outsized photos of Tupac Shakur to a replica of Monica Lewinsky’s dress from the Gap (with simulated stains!) to a white Ford Bronco with VIP seating.

As only a club promoter can, Wattman tells the New York Post, “We’re seeing so much of the ’90s get regurgitated now.” At first, we didn’t agree, but then as we thought about it (too much time on our hands?), we had to conclude it’s true. The Pixies have reunited. Nirvana has a new CD out. Donald Trump has married someone years younger than he is. And the Internet is the hottest thing since, uh, the Internet.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

Photo credit: Chi Modu/UPI/Newscom