Parents Drop the Ball in Latest National Anti-Drug Spots

A mom is in denial, another is an enabler

Your kid uses drugs, but you've got a problem, too. Your emotions—avoidance, fear, enabling, shame—are just as powerful and dangerous as drugs themselves, and reinforce your child's substance abuse. That's the message of a pair of new spots by Energy BBDO for The Partnership at In one spot, a mother wonders why prescription pills are missing from her medicine bottle—but decides it couldn't possibly be her son and his suspicious-looking friends. In a second spot, a mother hosts an underage party for her daughter and her friends, and ignores the rampant drug and alcohol use. The campaign includes radio and print PSAs, as well as a Facebook app for parents to share stories, get help and find encouragement to intervene. The campaign's cross-generational focus is mirrored in the choice of the director, MJZ's Phil Joanou Jr., who is the son of Phil Joanou, a longtime commercial director and a founding member of The Partnership. Second spot after the jump.