Parents Are Horrified by Furniture Kids Can Hide Inside in This Shock PSA

Unicef's latest video about escaping abuse

The video below starts out looking like your average hidden-camera social experiment, building up to laughter from the prankster and the prankees. But the spot from Unicef takes a grim turn.

Unsuspecting parents, in the midst of shopping, are introduced to a line of furniture that has safeguards for children who are abused—be it physically, psychologically or sexually.

“You might have the creepy uncle that comes over one day,” says the salesperson, cheerfully, “and starts to chase your kid around and make him feel uncomfortable so he wants to escape,” before showing horrified parents a hidden compartment in a bed.

The uncomfortable PSA, created by agency VML, is part of Unicef’s #ENDviolence campaign whose accompanying website includes heartbreaking stats like:

• 75 percent of children between 2 to 4 are regularly subjected to violent discipline by their caregivers.
• Around 6 in 10 one year olds in 30 countries with available data are subjected to violent
discipline on a regular basis.
• Worldwide, 1 in 4 children under age five—176 million—are living with a mother who is a
victim of intimate partner violence.

Unicef’s hope with its brutal-but-effective video is that viewers will visit the website, learn more about violence against children, and call on their governments to work for change.

The spot follows an earlier Unicef effort from Grey featuring found footage of parrots repeating obscenities and other disturbing language they heard in real homes.

Client: Unicef
Tanya Turkovich: Head of Multimedia Strategy
Priyanka Pruthi: Senior Producer
Nicholas Ledner: Digital Marketing & Innovation

Agency: VML
Debbi Vandeven: Global Chief Creative Officer
John Godsey: Chief Creative Officer, NA
Maurizio Villarreal: Executive Creative Director
Roy Torres: Group Creative Director
Juan Fernando Santos: Chief Experience Officer
Chris Edmondson: Executive Director
Chris Furse: Executive Director
Tomas Gonsorcik: Managing Director, Innovation Strategy
David Moreno: Group Planning Director
Heather Chappell: Director, Client Engagement
Shaun Campbell: Senior Producer
Betty Greiner: Production Business Manager
Jaime Manela: Channel Manager
Michael Micetich: Senior Copywriter
Gina Cassaro: Associate Art Director
Mayela Mercedes: Senior Designer
Carlos Ordonez: Design Director
Kevin Lo: Senior Copywriter
Lauren Meredith: User Experience Designer

Production Company: Artifact Nonfiction
Director: David Grabias
Second Unit Director: Anne Edgar
Executive Producer: Susan Rued Anderson @ Room Two
Producer: Joey Zadwarny
Production Supervisor: Cesar Villasenor

Production Designer: Sean Ryan
Editorial: Artifact Nonfiction
Editor: Phillip Owens
Post Producer: Emily Gleicher

Post Production Company: HERO Post
Molly Baroco: Executive Producer
Katie Janse: Producer
Alex Zustra: Editor
Britt Dunn: Assistant Editor

Post Production Company: Beast, Company3, Method
Soraia Callison: Executive Producer
Billy Gabor Company3 Colorist
Erich Netherton Company3 Audio Engineer
Ryan Peoples Company3 Audio Engineer

Post Production Company: 19 Below
Shawn Ketchum: Producer
Pete Meyers: Post Producer

Post Production Company: Raider Films
Ian Marceca: Editor

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Roo Powell is freelance contributor to Adweek.