‘Paranormal Activity 3’ Slammed Over Misleading Trailer

Viewers cry foul over scenes that aren't in the movie

Paranormal Activity 3 ruled the box office this weekend, taking in more than $50 million. But not everyone left the theater happy. Plenty of people are complaining on Twitter that the movie's trailer bears very little resemblance to the film itself. By one account, some 50 percent of the footage in the TV spots is not in the final film. As Inside Pulse points out, this isn't a completely new practice—many films have been advertised with some footage shot specifically for trailers. But Paranormal Activity 3 seems to take it to a new level. There are a couple of ways to look at this. On the one hand, you're bound to annoy some people by doing this. On the other hand, at least you're not giving away the good parts—in fact, you're sidestepping the all-too-frequent complaint that too much of the typical Hollywood movie is revealed in the trailer. There's also legal issues to consider, too, however. If someone can sue the makers of Drive over the amount of driving in it, surely they can sue this movie for false advertising.

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