‘Paradise Lost 3’ Trailer Needs Work as West Memphis Three Are Freed

Purgatory turns to redemption after 18 years

Here's the trailer, just posted to YouTube yesterday, for Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory, the third documentary about the West Memphis Three—Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley Jr.—convicted of the murders of three boys in West Memphis, Ark., on May 5, 1993. But the filmmakers—Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky—will surely have to revise the latest installment following today's news that all three men have been set free in a deal with prosecutors. One commenter notes: "How about a new title? Paradise Lost 3: Redemption." UPDATE: Berlinger, who rushed to Jonesboro, Ark., this week to record the new events, tells The Wall Street Journal that he will be updating the film before its premiere three weeks from now at the Toronto Film Festival. (It will debut on HBO later.) "What greater gift to a filmmaker than to see their work actually having real world impact," Berlinger said. "Now we're in that funny position and wonderful opportunity of having a much happier ending."