Papelbon uses butt double for Dunkin’ ad

Papelbon Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon will star in an upcoming Dunkin’ Donuts spot from Hill, Holliday. In the ad, he stands at his locker, absorbing congratulatory butt-slaps from his teammates and a long line of Sox fans. (See a preview clip here.) The Boston Herald, angling for a Pulitzer, digs deep and uncovers the truth: “Alas ladies, it’s not Papelbon’s bottom featured in the rear-end close-ups.” Yes, a body double was used. But whose? Was it Assy McGee’s or the Sox-obsessed D’Angelo’s steak-sandwich guy’s? His cheese-buffered buns could clearly handle some punishment, though he’s wound so tight, he’d slap you right back. (He’d make a good Beef Ambassador, actually.) The Sox spanked the Detroit Tigers 5-0 on Tuesday in their Fenway Park home opener. Everyone on the train I took home was drunk and wearing Red Sox caps. I’m pretty sure a couple of them patted me on the backside, but we were jammed in so close, it was hard to tell.

—Posted by David Gianatasio