Palm Springs dealing with slogan backlash

The tourism board in Palm Springs, Calif., is the latest to be berated by the public for its choice of marketing slogan. The new line, designed to sell the Coachella Valley to tourists far and wide, is, “Give in to the desert. You’re surrounded.” It’s certainly different, and playful—although, to some, not too inviting. Lots of business leaders in the area have been surprisingly supportive of the line, but some residents are upset and/or confused. “Give in to what?” writes one Desert Sun reader in a letter to the editor. “Searing summer heat? Blowing sand? Bigger gambling casinos? Development run rampant? Earthquake faults? Political shenanigans? Misconduct in high places? Gridlock? Eye-ear-nose gnats? Man the lifeboats! Batten down the hatches! Sound the alarm! Retreat! Wave the white flag! Call in the cavalry! Circle the wagons! Pull up the drawbridge! Punt! Trapped in the endzone! S.O.S.! We’re surrounded! Somebody stop ’em quick before they print more T-shirts.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd