This Paintbrush Brand Covered Everything Within a Billboard-Size Space in Fun NYC Ad

Good on any surface

Deutsch did some fun out-of-home work recently for Purdy—the Sherwin-Williams professional painting supplies brand—showing the versatility and accuracy of its paintbrushes in action.

The really eye-catching execution advertises Purdy's XL brushes, which can paint on practically any surface. To communicate this, the agency used XLs to paint over a billboard-size section of an ordinary New York City street—covering materials including brick, glass, wood, metal and plastic.

Among the objects that got a coating of bright yellow: a trash can, a newspaper stand, a bicycle, delicate flowers and even a pigeon. (Yes, it's fake. Don't go torturing actual NYC pigeons with your Purdy brushes.) And while this execution is visually reminiscent of OBI's famous German work from 2014, the message is different.


A second execution—which went up in Cleveland, where Sherwin-Williams is based—advertises Purdy's Clearcut series of brushes, which offer extreme precision. To demonstrate that level of intricacy, Deutsch used the Clearcut to paint the brand's message in between the bricks on a wall.

Great job on both ads.


Client: The Sherwin-Williams Co.

Brand: Purdy

Contact: Ian Gresham

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Diversified Brands

Agency: Deutsch

Executive Creative Director: Menno Kluin

Creative Directors: Sam Shepherd, Frank Cartagena

Project Manager: Marea Grossman

Art Director: Ilana Wolstein

Art Director Intern: Sudarshan Waghmare

Copywriter: Fanny Josefsson

Copywriter Intern: Joy Chakravorty

Associate Design Director: Brian Gartside

Director of Print & Art Production: Sarah Manna

Designer: Belen La Rivera

Producer: Heather Black

Set Design: Latisha Duarte

Retoucher: Brian French

Editor: Aaron Schillinger

Shoot Location: Brooklyn, NY & Cleveland, OH

Additional Credits:

Group Account Director: Tyler Helms

Account Director: Lisa Chad

Account Supervisor: Mark Donohue

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