Paging Mike Kelly: no, not that one

Kelly_michael_j_03kellyMaybe you were hoping you’d wake up one morning and America Online would have fixed spam now and forever, but this is not that morning. Instead, AdFreak is happy to report that the online service has finally solved its lingering J. Michael Kelly problem. Or was it a Michael J. Kelly problem? Anyway, it was a problem.

J. Michael was head of AOL International, based out of Dulles Va. headquarters, and Michael J. (at right) as of about a year ago, was named president of AOL media networks out of New York. A source close to AdFreak tells us the internal confusion was originally cleared up – or so AOL thought – by referring to them by their office locations. Mike Kelly NY and Mike Kelly Dulles. (Hey here’s an idea — how ‘bout and

But apparently not. What it took in the end was a reorg. J. Michael decided to leave the company as of last month’s new reconfiguring of the Time Warner unit  leaving only one Mike Kelly, the New York one, left. While that did lead to, in our source’s words, “scads” of emails being sent to Michael J. asking where he was going to, at least, now there’s only one. Maybe two heads are better than one, but It looks like one Mike Kelly may be simpler than two.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor