Pack it in, FedEx tells its biggest fan

I’ll never understand it when companies bully their most ardent (if disturbed) fans. The latest example is the case of Jose Avila, a guy in Arizona who doesn’t have much money and so has built all of his furniture out of FedEx boxes—a table, chairs, even his bed. He has put up a Web site documenting his achievement, which is where FedEx stepped in, pressuring Avila to take it down, claiming trademark and copyright infringement. Why bother? Yes, the guy should get a life, but FedEx ends up looking just as silly. “I was surprised,” Avila says of FedEx’s consternation. “One thing I’ve always stood behind is I’m pro-FedEx. I ship stuff with FedEx all that time, and I feel more comfortable shipping with FedEx because their boxes are stable and sturdy.” Does FedEx really want to sue this guy?