P. Diddy spins out, and into auto parts

As a businessman, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs still gets mad props. (Do the kids still say that?) But as a brand, Sean John might be wearing a bit thin. Already a hip-hop musician and “entertainment entrepreneur,” the former limo driver is now branching out into the auto-parts business, selling custom rims for luxe SUVs, sports trucks and cushy sedans. There’s no doubt it fits well with the urban culture—spinning rims that run $700-$3,000 per wheel add extra “bling” to your Escalade. (Remember when they were just called hub caps?) And while his new partner, Greg Weld, 61, told the AP that he was amazed by Diddy’s ability to work a room and “build his brand,” I can’t help but wonder if, like a Top 40 song on Z100, this tune is a bit overplayed. First music, then fashion, Broadway shows, marathon running … now spinning rims? Like Madonna a decade ago, Combs is fond of turning up his name’s volume, but to stay in the spotlight he’ll have to continue to give the venues thoughtful consideration. After all, even the Sex book had a backlash.