Ozzy phones it in again in new Samsung ad

Ozzy Osbourne. A chimpanzee. Which one never evolved? That question popped into my head as I watched the chimp invite the corpselike Ozzy to join his band in this commercial for Samsung's Solstice phone. If you thought Leo Burnett's earlier Samsung spots with Ozzy were soul-crushing, check out this iteration. Does Ozzy mumble incoherently? Are his "expletives" bleeped out? Do he and the chimp make goofy faces? Lord have mercy, it's all in there! Come to think of it, since every word Ozzy says is impossible to understand, his profanity would also be incomprehensible. Why bleep him at all? Eons ago, when Ozzy was a heavy-metal god, some folks worried that his music would rot people's brains. His music won't, but this campaign will! And hey, wasn't there a movement to ban the use of great apes in commercials? Can we add Ozzy to the list of creatures that should never be used in ads again?

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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